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Gracie now has a BROTHER!!


Meet Cody


Meet Cody!



Dogs are like potato chips


Many of you know that we lost our 12 year old Boxer, Major, to cancer almost 2 months ago.  It has been such a difficult time adjusting to life without him when so much of the past 12 years have been shared with such a precious and loyal best friend.  He gave us so many happy memories, so many laughs, so many cuddle sessions and so many drool kisses.  My last words to him were “Thank you”.  I thanked him for being such a special part of our family and for being a faithful companion to my boys, especially during a difficult time in their lives.  We miss him terribly.  Major’s bed still lays in our Living Room floor and Gracie can often be found taking a nap on it.  I like to think that she feels close to him while lying on it.   We needed a distraction in our grief and what better distraction than to adopt another four-legged friend to create more precious memories, new cuddle sessions and added drool kisses.


     So after much consideration and thought, we decided to adopt a brother for Gracie.  The opportunity to adopt this precious guy came quickly and we decided to take the leap!


     Cody is a 5 year old Miniature Pinscher!  We adopted him from a friend who could no longer take care of him.  She was heartbroken to give him up, but felt that it was best for him.  Cody has adjusted to our home without any problems.  He is a sweetie and loves to be loved!  


I have grand dreams of them bonding and cuddling.  It hasn’t happened yet, but Cody has only been with us for one week.  They do tolerate each other well and they are curious about each other.  Look at this precious moment…


Gracie & Cody - Intro


     I know that with time they will become the best of friends and love each other.  I am trying to be patient about that.  They have a ritual of smelling each other and crouching low and play pouncing.  Their relationship is coming along nicely.  Believe me, you will find their first cuddle pic on Instagram the moment I get it!  Make sure to follow us here!



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