Gracie’s Story: The Journey to Her Furever Home


     Hi, everyone!  First things first…I thought you should formally meet the inspiration of FureverGracie.com and the inspiration for many things in my life.  This is Gracie’s story… 


Furever Gracie


     Gracie found herself at a rescue organization at just a few months old.  You see, Gracie was born blind and considered worthless to her owner/breeder.  Gracie spend several months at a foster mom’s home.  Her foster mom adored her, but knew that it was her time to find her furever home.  So Gracie’s profile was posted on petfinder.com.


     At the same time in the next town over, Major, our Boxer, was reaching his late senior years and was declining in health.  We talked about getting another dog to help our family become attached to another pet and hopefully ease some of the pain of losing such a beloved dog. (Read Major’s story here) We talked it over and decided that we wanted to rescue a dog.  To give a dog the kind of life that it may never have had, but deserved.  We were still in the “talking” stage of the decision, but on a whim I decided to check out petfinder.com.  Very quickly in the search, I came across a picture that changed our world.  Her name was Gracie and she was the cutest little puff ball ever.  I read over her description and saw that she was blind and my worries kicked in.  How could we care for a blind dog?  How would she get around?  What would we need to do differently?  How would she do with a large 90 pound Boxer?  She was only 5 ½ pounds.  Am I crazy for wanting this puppy….but I already fell in love with her picture!  So I decided to send her picture to my boyfriend and said “Bring this lil girl home to me!”.  I figured he would talk some sense into me.  A few minutes later, I got a text back that said “Go ahead. Go get her!”  Then the real panic set in!  Is this a good idea??  Can we handle this kind of commitment??  So the research began and I tried to plan out everything in my head and think of every possible problem we could face down the road that needed to be considered (yes…I am a neurotic worrier. Lol).  In the end, I contacted the rescue organization to get more information.  After some questions and paperwork, Gracie and a representative were coming for a home visit and I was going to be able to meet Gracie!  I was so excited and nervous.  



     Beth pulled up to the driveway and I went out to greet her and let her know she was at the right house.  I walked over to the car and called out her name to greet her and she scurried across the car and into my arms.  I’m telling you that it was love at first sight and I just about heard the angels singing.  Hahaha.  I went back in the house with Beth and Gracie and announced that I HAD to have her.  Major, our Boxer, was so gentle with her and she just pranced around our house like it was already her own.  You never would have guessed that she was blind,  Our “home visit” went well and Gracie never left that night.  She had found her furever home and she had stolen our hearts!

     We were pleasantly surprised that Gracie didn’t need a lot of “extras”to aid her with her disability.  We bought a baby gate to keep her from the steps, but she quickly learned where everything was in the house and followed us everywhere.  She knew where she could run around and how to walk out the side door on her own to go potty.  She truly is amazing!  I now encourage anyone I can to consider adopting a disabled dog or a senior dog.  They deserve the very best too and you may even find that their disability doesn’t take away from their beautiful, playful personality at all.  


     One year later, we lost our precious Major to cancer.  There is a void in our hearts and we miss him so much!  There are still days that I forget and look for him for just a split moment or feel like I have forgotten to feed him or take him outside.  It’s so hard to lose a pet that has been such a big part of your life! But Gracie has been our little miracle.  Our ray of hope and the perfect bundle of love that we needed.  So here’s the real question…

Who rescued who pet adoption


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