Gracie’s Ultimate Summer 2016 Bucket List

     So I’m sure that it is quite evident already that I love to spend time with my lil pup!  I love to take her with me whenever and wherever I can.  I love to see her excitement for adventure and life!  She makes it so easy for us to travel with her and take her places, because she is such a good girl.  She is generally quiet, goes with the flow and has a great time.  We often take her to Maryland when we go to see our family and they expect to see her when we arrive.  She is so loved and so spoiled.  Lol.  So I came up with a list of activities that I would love to do with her this summer…


Gracie’s Summer Bucket List



Ride on a Kayak



Go on a picnic & wait for the Mommy to drop some yummy food



Try 3 new homemade healthy treats



Try to swim



Go on a hike



Visit a flea market with mom & dad



Find a way to help another rescue dog




Learn a new trick



Go to a festival or special event




Get an ice cream cone and/or popsicle



Have my portrait drawn



Go to a Dog Rescue event




Sit at a bonfire with mom & dad and try a toasted marshmallow




Get patriotic for the 4th of July



Make a new friend



Look for this symbol for all of Gracie’s summer bucket list activities that are completed!

Summer Bucket List Complete



Gracie in stroller   



      Gracie’s summer is off to a great start!  First of all, her Daddy found her a pet stroller on LetGo for an amazing price that we couldn’t turn down.  We had been contemplating a stroller for her since it would give her more opportunities to go places with us. Gracie actually does amazingly well on a leash and will follow us along by listening for our foot steps, but it’s slow and it is confusing to her, especially when there are alot of people around and she hears so many noises and foot steps and she gets scared.   I have a sling pouch for her that she enjoys, but she gets hot in the summertime in that and there is not as much freedom for her in the pouch.  So we felt that the stroller was a great solution to give her the opportunity to go out and have fun with us.   Anyways…so here she is as happy as a clam in her new ride!








     Gracie was also able to go with us to a neighborhood Fourth of July Fair.  She enjoyed riding in her stroller, being petted and fussed over by everyone and trying the local homemade ice cream.  Here she is in her patriotic dress…enjoying life.


Gracie July4




Follow Gracie’s adventures this summer and all of her cuteness on Instagram at furever_gracie.




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