Welcome to Furever Gracie!



Everyone thinks they have the best dog. And none of them are wrong. -W.R.Purche



   I love this quote…and I adore my dog!  There are dog owners and then there are you + I …the dog lovers!  The people that treat their dogs as their children (our furbabies), spend all the time that we can with them and include them in every thing possible.  I would love to work from home and I would be lying if I said my little Gracie has nothing to do with that goal.  I mean…who could blame me…look at that face!!



Cutest dog ever



      I know each of you adore your little pups as much as I love mine. We want the very best for them and we want to provide them with the life they deserve.  Whether our pups came from a breeder and a long line of the finest dog breeds or they came from a rescue with a sad, devastating past…our dogs deserve the love and attention that they give us. Gracie had a sad beginning; she was born blind and considered worthless to her breeder.  But that was not the end of Gracie’s story…she found her furever home!  (Click here to read Gracie’s story.)



Welcome to Furever Gracie



This blog is dedicated to sharing our journey with you, enjoying all of life’s special moments and my desire to make Gracie’s life as big, bold and special as I can.  I will share useful information, tips and ideas that I have found through research and experience.  It’s going to be fun, it’s going to be informational, and it’s going to inspiring!!!


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